Non Profit Development Services

What I Do

I am a brand strategy & business planning consultant specializing in developing and implementing impact-driven communications, fundraising, and programming strategies. I offer full-service consulting from the boardroom to the front desk, so that you can define the big picture and actually make it happen. Whether it’s helping you articulate what you do, enabling you to be more focused in how you operate, guiding you through simple, strategic updates to your business, or helping you make major organizational change, I have the experience and adaptability to be a strategic partner to stakeholder at every level of your organization -- including your board. With my expertise, I can help make your company vision more clear, your decisions more strategic, and your fundraising efforts more profitable and efficient, so that you can focus more on building relationships and making an impact without damaging your fundraising ability.


My work in the arts has given me the opportunity to build a strong and supportive network of friends, colleagues and donors here is the Bay Area. 


Who I've worked with

I have worked with small, medium, and large organizations

Organizations that have been around for decades and organizations that are in their early stages

Organizations with well-defined brand ideas and organizations that have never had to figure out what they mean to people

Organizations that mean something around the world and organizations that mean something to a small community

Organizations that need to adapt to survive and organizations that just need a few course corrections

Organizations that with multi-million dollar donors and organizations with donors who are waiting to be activated

I’m ready to work with your organization to help you on your unique path and forge your impact.

Groundswell Institute


As a Board Member and Consultant for this emerging Queer non profit retreat center in Mendocino County, I worked with the Executive Director to define and articulate the impact of this new organizations work on the LGBTQ community in the greater Bay Area and Northern California. We developed a successful fundraising strategy, a refined mission and defined three major areas of programming.  I also worked with Board and staff members to develop a shared vocabulary that they can use to speak eloquently about their work and why it is critically important.

Burning Man

I was offered the opportunity to help Burning Man transition to a non profit from an LLC by building a fundraising function, defining roles and hiring staff to begin an active fundraising program. As Interim Director of Development, I worked with the founders and Program Directors to define Burning Man’s first fundraising strategy, hired a fundraising staff and doubled the donor base. Two years later, Burning Man’s contributed income had almost tripled and a permanent Director of Development has been found and hired.  

Berkeley Art Center

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I love helping people learn how to access and embrace their own creativity, as well as helping communities realize the potential of engaging in the creative process. When people engage together in creativity, they create connections to each other. They create opportunities for cooperation and collaboration and ultimately they help to create a sense of belonging. 

My experience in art, design, leadership, board building, financial management and oversight stems from a long and intense history with key arts organizations in the Bay Area. Being in leadership positions at both The Crucible in Oakland and at Burning Man in San Francisco have given me the experience and passion needed to conceive and actualize the role of arts in personal transformation and community building. 


The Crucible

While operating my own design firm in the Bay Area, I spent six years serving as a volunteer Director on the Board of The Crucible in Oakland. Three of those years I served as Board President. After helping to manage a founder transition, hiring an interim Executive Director to make some key changes to the financial systems and bringing the organization into compliance of CA labor laws, I was chosen by the board to be the new Executive Director. In one year, I brought the organization out of a three-year loss pattern ending the year with a surplus.