Non Profit Development Services



Brand Strategy

Fundraising Strategy & Implementation

Communications Planning

Organizational Change & Modernization Support

Non-profit Creation & Transition Planning

High-Value Donor Cultivation

Fundraising event planning & execution


Brand Strategy

Helping you to truly understand what your organization is doing, articulate that into a value proposition and strategy, and create tools that enable you to make effective, strategic decisions that enable you to maximize your resources.

Fundraising Strategy & Implementation

Developing & implementing fundraising strategies across your entire organization that increase fundraising potential by developing long-term, impact-driven, value-adding relationships with your donors at every level.

Communications Planning

Working across your organization to develop actionable language tools articulating your mission, outcomes, and impact -- brought to life through communications plans that help you plan how, where, and when to communicate this new language to your key audiences.


High-Value Donor Cultivation

Helping you effectively engage priority donors, identify and cultivate more high-value donors, understand and activate their full potential, and maintain long-term, valuable relationships with them beyond fundraising.

Organizational Change & Modernization Support

Guiding you through periods of transformation and evolution that impact your organizational mission, strategy, programming, and content -- helping you to be more relevant in the modern world, connect with a new audience, and re-engage your existing advocates.


Fundraising event planning & execution

Managing the planning & implementation of your fundraising events large and small -- including identifying fundraising event opportunities, coming up with new ideas, and bringing new events to life for your organization.


I specialize in working with companies that are focused on:

  • Arts & culture

  • Education

  • LGBTQ+

  • Community building

  • Diversity & inclusion

A small sample of the types of things we can accomplish together with your team.


  • Develop language to articulate outcomes and impacts

  • Evaluate and Update your Mission Statement

  • Evaluate Programmatic Alignment with Mission and Vision

  • Create a Yearly Fundraising Calendar and Plan

  • Design and IMPLEMENT FUNDRAISING strategies

  • Engage Board in Fundraising Activities

  • Review Vision Statements with Board members and Staff

  • Research and identify new donor prospects

  • Meet with and cultivate relationships with new potential donors

  • Write and SUBMIT grant proposals for PROGRAMMATIC funding