Non Profit Development Services

Forging Impact

Branding and Fundraising Strategies That Produce Results

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Fundraising is fundamentally about relationship building and developing trust.


My philosophy

Fundraising & sales are fundamentally about building relationships based in clarity and trust. If you are clear about your value proposition and the impact you want to have on people’s lives, you will build trust that drives results.


My method

Through close consideration of your impact on people, we can craft a compelling story for why potential donors should give and why current donors should increase their support.

By refining your story telling and becoming crystal clear on how your work affects the lives of your audiences, we can build a foundational vocabulary that your entire organization can use to communicate in an organized and authentic way.



We can help inspire lasting cultural change in the world if we work together to help people see themselves and their relationships to others and to their communities in a way that makes them feel included and vital. 


Client feedback

Thor helped us understand and articulate the impact we were having on our community in a way that resonated with our donors.
— Kyle DeVries, Groundswell Institute
Working with Thor helped us understand what we needed to accomplish in order to more fully engage our members.
— Ann Trinca, Berkeley Art Center
Over the past 13 years I’ve had the privilege of working with a great many nonprofit boards. Few Board Presidents have impressed me as much as Thor Young. He provided strong leadership, clear vision, and keen insight to The Crucible’s board and staff at a critical time in the organization’s life. As a client, he was a delight to work with.
— Leyna Bernstein